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Information on how to buy the right wetsuit for your sport, water temperature, and individual needs.

How do I Dry my Wetsuit Booties?


I hang my wetsuit booties after I rinse them but they will still be wet inside.  This can be  even after a week!   How do I get my wetsuit booties to dry quicker so they don’t start to smell and are more?


To get your wetsuit booties dry faster than they are here are a few tips:

  • Stick them on a post or something so they are upside down.  You want to make sure there is still space for air to get in though.
  • Make sure they are unzipped.
  • Make sure they are in a warm, dry place.  If you leave them in a garage or somewhere like that, they won’t dry fast.
  • If it is warm outside, always dry them outside.  Just make sure to not leave them in direct sunlight.
  • Likewise, don’t put them by a heater or anything like that.  The rubber can harden and crack.

How are BARE wetsuits different from others?

Question:  How are Bare wetsuits different from others?

Answer:  Bare is a brand of wetsuits just like Billabong or Rip Curl.  They are great suits and will get the job done for sure.  They are mostly known for their scuba wetsuits but also make suits for swimming, water sports and accessories.

When it comes to prices they are super competitve but you don’t get as many bells and whistles as you would with other suits.  Regardless, if you’re diving on a budget then you need to check these out.

How Warm Will Wetsuits Keep You?

Question: I do a lot of swimming in cold mountain water.  Exactly how warm does a wetsuit keep you?

Answer: It all depends on the thickness and coverage of the suit.

A 5mm full suit is going to keep you a lot warmer than a 2mm “shorty” springsuit.

People who scuba dive in the arctic use wetsuits to themselves warm so I am sure the right wetsuit can handle cold mountain water.

When you first get in the water you will still feel the cold water, but as the suit allows some water to seep in your heat warms it and you end up feeling much warmer.

The retained body heat and heated layer of water does wonders for keeping you warm.

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Should I Buy a Wetsuit That is Just for my Sport?

Question:  I am doing a triathlon but found a killer deal on a surfing wetsuit.  How important is it that I buy a wetsuit that is made just for my sport?

Answer:  Wetsuit designers know a thing or two about their creations and the sports they are meant for.  In the end it’s a judgement call; if the suit is the right fit, thickness and gives you the right range of motion then go for it.

Give it a test run and if you can do what you need to do then you found the right suit for yourself.  If not sell it (a buddy, Ebay) or just keep it and buy one for the triathalon.

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Do People Pee in Their Wetsuits to Get Warm?

Quesiton: Is it true ,that to keep warm, surfers or divers pee in their wetsuits? Is there anything wrong with that?

Answer: Urinating in your wetsuit will make you warm, but only temporarily. It’s not necessarily “dirty” or unsanitary, but most people (including yours truly) don’t enjoy being soaked in their own waste fluid. Do it enough and your suit may start to smell a bit if you don’t clean it correctly.

Now, sometimes when you’re out there on the waves it just doesn’t make sense to haul back into the beach to go to the bathroom. It’s like when you’ve been drinking and you’re in a pool; it’s just easier to do your business there.

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If Learning Scuba in a Pool, do You Use a Wetsuit?

Question:  I am learning how to scuba dive at my college this quarter and I am wondering if you typically wear a wetsuit during something like that?  I am older than most of my classmates and am just dreading having everyone in bikinis. . .   

Answer:  It really depends on who owns the pool and what their rules are.  Some owners don’t allow any non-bathing suits to be worn in their pool.  If this is a school sponsored class and they own the pool it shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s best to learn scuba in a wetsuit because if you’re going to be using a wetsuit at your scuba destination it’s good to know how it feels and how to work with it.

If they don’t allow wetsuits in the pool don’t stress it!  No one is going to show up in a string bikini or anything.  Most non-wetsuit wearing classes instruct you to show up in functional wetsuits anyways.

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Triathalon Wetsuits on Sale!

Wetsuit Warehouse is currently running a killer sale on triathalon wetsuits, right at the beginning of the season!  That is practically unheard of!

Usually deep dsicounts like this only come up on last year’s models and in the dead of winter.   If you’ve been looking into getting a new suit for your next triathalon then make sure you check these out.

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