Moving Sale – 15% Off

I remember when my uncle told my cousin, “You’re too big to sleep in bed with your mom and me… it’s time you got a big bed of your own.”  He took it pretty hard, especially considering he was 17.

But what does this disturbing insight into my family have to do with you, wetsuits and saving money?  Hold on Chief… we’re getting there.

Well, just like my cousin, Wetsuit Wearhouse has gotten too big for their old digs and is movin’ on up to a new location.

Not only will this fancy new facility make shipping even quicker, but it’s one heck of a reason to have a sale.

Save 15% on EVERYTHING at Wetsuit Wearhouse!  Use Coupon Code “MOVE”

The sale ends on 6/30 at 11:59pm EST, so get your rear in gear and save some cash.