How do I Dry my Wetsuit Booties?


I hang my wetsuit booties after I rinse them but they will still be wet inside.  This can be  even after a week!   How do I get my wetsuit booties to dry quicker so they don’t start to smell and are more?


To get your wetsuit booties dry faster than they are here are a few tips:

  • Stick them on a post or something so they are upside down.  You want to make sure there is still space for air to get in though.
  • Make sure they are unzipped.
  • Make sure they are in a warm, dry place.  If you leave them in a garage or somewhere like that, they won’t dry fast.
  • If it is warm outside, always dry them outside.  Just make sure to not leave them in direct sunlight.
  • Likewise, don’t put them by a heater or anything like that.  The rubber can harden and crack.