If Learning Scuba in a Pool, do You Use a Wetsuit?

Question:  I am learning how to scuba dive at my college this quarter and I am wondering if you typically wear a wetsuit during something like that?  I am older than most of my classmates and am just dreading having everyone in bikinis. . .   

Answer:  It really depends on who owns the pool and what their rules are.  Some owners don’t allow any non-bathing suits to be worn in their pool.  If this is a school sponsored class and they own the pool it shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s best to learn scuba in a wetsuit because if you’re going to be using a wetsuit at your scuba destination it’s good to know how it feels and how to work with it.

If they don’t allow wetsuits in the pool don’t stress it!  No one is going to show up in a string bikini or anything.  Most non-wetsuit wearing classes instruct you to show up in functional wetsuits anyways.

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