4th of July Triathlon Sale

mericaWhat better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than by saving a few bucks on your next triathlon wetsuit and gear?

What do the two have to do with each other…. ummm… the Founding Fathers hated paying more for something than they had to!  Are you saying you’re better than George Washington?  I didn’t think so.

Who needs a reason when you can save some serious cash on your favorite gear.  Here’s what the nice folks at TriVillage have going on for Independence Day:

Save an EXTRA 15% on already discounted items + Free Shipping at TriVillage.com Use Code: FOURTH15. Click here for details! Coupon Code: FOURTH15

20% OFF all regularly priced items + Free Shipping at TriVillage.com, Use Code: FOURTH20 Click here for details! Coupon Code: FOURTH20

And we all know how lazy you triathlete types are (sarcasm people!) so make sure you get on this by July 7th when the sale ends!