NRS Sales

NRS is Having a 20% Sale on All Yakima Products!

Starting May 2nd, get 20% off of Yakima roof racks, roof racks, bike racks, kayak carriers plus lots more.

Yeah, I know this is a site about wetsuits, but chances are if you’re rocking a wetsuit then you also need to get some gear from point A to point B.  That is where Yakima and this sale comes into play.

If you’ve been waiting to add a rack to your ride but price has been holding you back, then you need to get on this like a fat kid on a cupcake… The sales goes through May 16th, so get ready boys and girls!

Other NRS Deals

NRS has also decided it was time to start dropping some free shipping on you nice people.  If you buy more than $75 worth of stuff from them, they ship it out to you for free.

This excludes “over-sized or flammable” items… if that confuses you like it confuses me, then stop by NRS and ask them to explain all of that.  Let me know what you find out…

NRS Wetsuits

NRS also has a pretty decent selection of wetsuits.  They have their own brand and have developed a reputation for high quality, lower cost and durable construction.

See for yourself:

NRS Men’s Wetsuits

NRS Women’s Wetsuits

NRS Kids Wetsuits

Wetsuit Accessories