4th of July Wetsuit Sales

The 4th of July is here and with BBQs, fireworks and crowded beaches also comes wetsuit sales

These are big, fat, “don’t miss it or you’ll be kicking yourself” sales on wetsuits, accessories, clothing and just about anything else you need to round out your closet or gear bag.

Scope out these 4th of JU-LIE sales going on right now, partner!  And get yourself some of those sweet sweet discounts!

Huntington Surf & Sport

The nice folks over at HS&S are having a pretty sweet sale this weekend.  Use “JULY4” as the coupon code when you check out and you will get 20% off your order.  You’ll also get free 3-day shipping on all orders over $49.

Check it…

Huntington Surf and Sport 4th of July Wetsuit Sale






Tri Village

If surfing isn’t your bag, and you’re one of those “exercise for the fun of it” types, then we got you covered too.  Tri Village, your premier source for everything triathlon related, is also having a 4th of July Sale.

Save 20% off the entire store during our 4th of July Sale. Offer excludes already discounted items and nutritional products. Coupon Code: dynamite-20

That means you can get 20% off triathlon wetsuits and everything else in stock (expect stuff that was already on sale) this weekend only.

Alli Sports

If you’re all set when it comes to your neoprene needs, but in the market for something to make sure you’re looking fly at the holiday BBQ, then check out the Alli Sports weekend sale.

Take a fat 25% off everything you order until 7/5 by using “thefourth” at checkout time.

Alli Sport 4th of July Sales




Have a great Holiday weekend and be safe out there compadres…